Perfectly al dente charcoal-infused pasta with pesto and shrimp. Rich and indulgent duck ragu ravioli. Impressively tasty vegan lasagna.

Drooling yet? Do these dishes sound too good to be true? Luckily for you, and all of us in the Toronto Entertainment District, The SÔS (like sauce) is too good AND very true. Toronto has popularized its fair share of food trends (lest we forget the deep-fried butter fiasco of ’17), but while food trends are fun, some can fade. Too often, intriguing ideas are unhealthy or simply restrictive to those with dietary preferences or needs. Rarely are we blessed with a concept, dish or restaurant with the ability to satisfy our ranges of tastes (and our wallets) long term. But, prepare to be amazed at The SÔS.

The gourmet grab-and-go, build-your-own pasta establishment at 118 John St. invites you to get lost in the SÔS and promises to “change your past(a).” All we know is, it’s changing the pasta game for everyone including vegetarians and vegans, completely gimmick-free.



Charcoal pasta with pesto and shrimp.


The SÔS menu is both traditional and innovative. It delivers everything you would expect from an authentic eatery while catering to a wide range of dietary guidelines, without compromising taste, quality or ingredients.

The stand-alone establishment’s all-black aesthetic and crew of bros is neither intimidating nor boring. Its progressive approach to Italian cuisine is similar to the formula of most build-your-own take out, but the options at The SÔS are endless and inclusive. Step 1: contemplate the entire menu. Step 2: select the type of pasta. Step 3: choose from 10 divine sauces. Step 4: treat yourself to additional toppings. Step 5: treat yourself some more to dessert! The small team of chefs prepare your pasta, and within minutes, presents your creation in a convenient, eco-friendly take-out box. Then, off you go – unless you choose to stay and enjoy the view of John St. through the restaurant’s large bay windows.

Now, let’s get down to business. The revolving menu will literally keep you coming back for more. If you’re bad at making decisions, good luck! Your experience will begin with the choice between its long or short pasta of the day (which is offered vegan, gluten-free or with activated charcoal), gnocchi, ravioli or lasagna (also offered veganized).

To make your decision even harder, choose between regular gnocchi, blue cheese-stuffed or made vegan with red lentil flour. The ravioli features an impressive lineup of flavours from duck mushroom onion to spinach honey ricotta – and because nobody should be left out of delicious options, there’s a vegan option for this too.



Gluten-free casarecce (red lentil and rice flour) with vegan cashew alfredo and mushroom medley.


This is only the start. The star of the show is the sauce, unsurprising from the restaurant drawing its namesake from this integral element. There’s sage brown butter, red wine demi, white wine alfredo, pesto, Bolognese and duck ragu. The vegan options are equally mouthwatering: roasted tomato, olive oil and garlic, cashew alfredo and beyond Bolognese. Want them all? It’s a natural reaction, trust us. Mixing is more than welcome – it’s recommended (the white wine alfredo and roasted tomatoes is an emotional experience).



Duck ravioli with duck ragu.


The SÔS is dedicated to the game. There’s something for everyone (seriously, there’s even salad and garlic bread).  And best of all? It’s actually really good, and as far as pasta goes, good for you and your wallet. Pasta starts at $10 a box, regardless of sauce, so you can feel good about your new favourite hobby.



Gluten-free, vegan lasagna.


You can check out the menu online to plan your order now, but don’t be afraid to ask for some recommendations. You’ll probably learn something new from the knowledgeable staff, like how the shape and grooves in torcheti make it an excellent tool for scooping up extra sauce! Also, be sure to follow @sospasta on Instagram for daily updates on short and long pasta of the day.  Last but not least, don’t forget about dessert – the deep-fried cinnamon crunch gnocchi, sticky toffee pudding and vegan crack bark are a whole other story.



The SÔS dessert trio is even more delicious than it looks.