Need another excuse to dive into our diverse restaurant scene? We’ve got plenty. Not only are the eateries in the Toronto Entertainment District some of the best in the city, but the majority are also highly inclusive of dietary restrictions. Be it vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, between the dozens of choices in our district, you’ll always be left satisfied.

Here are some of our favourite vegan-friendly restaurants and go-to dishes. And yes, some of them may surprise you. If you didn’t know Flock doesn’t just do chicken, now you know!


Calii Love | 367 King St W. | Poke and Smoothie Bowls

Toronto Vegan

Need a dose of positivity? Calii Love specializes in healthy Californian and Hawaiian-inspired dishes named after positive feelings that’ll leave you feelin’ warm and fuzzy. Indecisive? Its bowls are all highly customizable. Still not convinced? It strives to source all its ingredients in a sustainable way to keep our planet healthy, too. Bingo!

Our recommendation: The Dreamy Bowl (blue majik spirulina, mango, banana, coconut milk, and pineapple topped with bee pollen, shredded coconut, raspberry, kiwi, and mango)


District Eatery | 303 King St W. | Clean Eating & Craft Cocktails

Toronto Vegan

Reinventing classic bar favourites, District Eatery is leading the way to #cleaneating while still enjoying a night of drinking. Named one of NOW Magazine’s Top New Patios in 2017, it also provides a beautiful view of the Toronto Entertainment District that pairs oh so well with its colourful menu and to-die-for cocktails.

Our recommendation: Vegan Kale Caesar (chopped kale, spiced chickpeas, matchstick carrots, beet bacon, and cherry tomatoes, tossed in its vegan tahini caesar dressing)


FLOCK | 330 Adelaide St W. | Salads & Bowls

Toronto Vegan

Pause. We know. We know what you’re thinking. Vegan options? At a restaurant called FLOCK  known for delicious rotisserie chicken? Yes, we promise. FLOCK has made it possible for anyone to enjoy a meal from its vast, nutrient-packed menu. We know you’ll join the flock of individuals swearing by it!

Our recommendation: Soba Noodle + Roasted Tofu Bowl (buckwheat soba noodles, butternut squash, shredded kale, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, spaghetti squash, green onion, soy beans, cilantro, pickled honey mushrooms, daikon, and toasted nori, brown sesame, and chilli spice with miso, ginger and citrus dressing)


Fresh on Spadina | 147 Spadina Ave. | Plant-based Everything

Toronto Vegan

With an entirely plant-based menu, Fresh on Spadina really is the place to be. After all, it’s been open since 1999. From fresh salads to delicious meat alternatives, it’s curated a menu chock-full of all your favourite comfort foods.

Our recommendation: The Beyond Cheeseburger (beyond meat burger, special sauce, lettuce, Chao cheese, pickles, red onion, tomato, alfalfa)


General Assembly Pizza | 331 Adelaide St W. | Pizza

Toronto Vegan

If you’re looking to satisfy a pizza itch, General Assembly is your new mainstay. There are three strictly vegan pizzas on the menu: Classic Marinara, Fern Gully, and Red Sonja, all as equally fulfilling as its non-vegan counterparts. Short on time during a lunch break? GA has a designated door for delivery orders, which makes for shorter wait-times.

Our recommendation: Fern Gully (roasted oyster mushroom, cremini, caramelized onion, walnut, parsley, herb oil)


Il Fornello | 214 King St W. | Italian

Toronto Vegan

As the first restaurant to bring wood-oven baked pizza to Ontario, Il Fornello has been innovative for as long as we can remember. Margie Cook was brought onto the Il Fornello team for exactly that reason. Under her guidance, an exclusively vegan menu was developed; all ingredients made in-house from organic sources. New date spot alert!

Our recommendation: Plant-powered Classic Lasagna (artisanal creamy cashew almond mozzarella, tofu ricotta & kale marinara sauce)


Kiin | 326 Adelaide St W. | Thai

Toronto Vegan

Chef Nuit of Kiin travelled to Thailand to study the vibrant and visually stunning art of Royal Thai cuisine, which gives the restaurant a touch you won’t find anywhere else. Remodeled after her childhood, it is a slice of Thailand within our very own #TorontoED. The dishes may seem too pretty to eat, but trust us, you’ll want to dig in!

Our recommendation: Khao Yum (jasmine rice, rice berry, white turmeric, long beans, lemongrass, sawtooth coriander, makrut lime leaves, cucumber, toasted coconut, pomelo, fried chilli, sunflower sprouts, edible flowers, tamarind soybean sauce)


The SÔS Pasta | 118 John St. | Custom Pasta

Toronto Vegan

Known for its build-your-own-pasta concept, The SÔS’ menu is highly inclusive of dietary restrictions. With both vegan pastas and sauces – and even beyond meatballs for a traditional pasta experience – there is no way for it to go wrong. From lasagna to ravioli to gnocchi and its long/short pasta of the day, you’ll find yourself in vegan pasta heaven.

Our recommendation: Any of its vegan pastas paired with its vegan cashew alfredo or Beyond Bolognese sauces


Dietary restrictions are no reason to feel left out of fine dining. With these options, your next outing will go much smoother – especially with non-vegan friends – fingers crossed!

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