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Treat Yo’ Self: Self Care in the City

With cold weather approaching, it may feel as if the best part of the year is escaping us. For many, fall weather is the signal to freshen up before we head off into the hibernating months filled with sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes. With some of the hottest spots...

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Details In The District

Everyone does it. Whether weaving through busy sidewalks or hurriedly hailing their Uber, locals and tourists alike often race throughout Toronto’s Entertainment District with no regard for the little things. There’s The Porch’s popular rooftop view or the changing...

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Marching INLAND this weekend at QRC West

The Toronto Entertainment District is visited daily by street-side experiential marketing campaigns and pop-up activations, but twice a year a showcase of Canadian makers and designers march inland, assuming position at the QRC West building. INLAND is Canada’s...

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TIFF Turf: mapping out this year’s festival

The Entertainment District will be in TIFF beast-mode from September 6 to 16. The influential festival is an Oscar launchpad, premiering award season darlings like American Beauty, The King’s Speech and The Shape of Water. TIFF screens films and hosts events...

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Toronto Entertainment District: Portraits

The Toronto Entertainment District fully embodies what the city as a whole is known for: a good time. Located in its core are top attractions scattered only short distances apart. We are conventionally familiar with the omnipresent list of destinations like the CN...

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Rialto Espresso Bar: the ends justify the beans

In a world where Instagram-worthy Frappuccinos and high-end coffee culture has taken on a mind of its own, there is a robust café in a heritage building at the corner of John St. and Adelaide switching things up in a different way. Rialto (previously known as Milano)...

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Abbozzo Gallery | World-class art found at your doorstep

Contrary to its name, a translation from the Italian word meaning sketch, Abbozzo Gallery, is a step-up from preliminary drawings; it exhibits impressive works of local and international art while offering a complete range of fine art services from in-home...

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No place like home: living in the Entertainment District

Living in the centre of Toronto comes with its vibrant community complete with restaurants, boutiques and theatres. With so many interests being served, it’s the ultimate draw to living in the Entertainment District and the reason why so many choose to become...

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Inside Out: Diving into Toronto’s LGBTQ Film Festival

Inside Out is celebrating 28 years presenting the best in LGBTQ cinema by challenging narratives and changing lives through its promotion. The film festival is a home for LGBTQ filmmakers and a haven for its audiences. Inside Out Toronto runs May 24-June 3 with its...

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