BOLO (Body Love Inc) founder and owner, Caleigh Rykiss is in the creation phase of what is manifesting to be a disrupter in the fitness category. BOLO is a community-based hub, where like-minded active professionals can be badass, hang with homies and get stuff done.

Stepping inside of BOLO, you feel something in the air that is beyond the material universe. VIBES. This spring, BOLO is launching a 7000 sq. ft. permanent location at QRC. In anticipation (we can’t wait!) we sat down with Caleigh to talk about life, her career and getting your sweat on.

How did you get started in pursuing fitness as your career?
I started my career as an entertainment and lifestyle TV producer and writer – at the time fitness was just my passion. As a producer I would have to look for fitness and wellness experts to speak on different topics and at some point, I decided I would become my own expert. I got certified in all the different areas of wellness – personal training, nutrition etc and that’s how it all began. I never thought I would actually train anyone or teach classes. It first started as an asset for my journalism career… and well… one thing led to another.

What made you decide to open your own studio? What were some challenges?
Like many business ideas, the inspiration to open BOLO came about because of a hole I felt in the industry. As both a professional and fitness consumer I felt like the existing facilities were not meeting my needs. I’m a complex person with a lot of things on the go and I needed to find a place that could support my hustler lifestyle. I wished I could get a good workout – grab a coffee – answer some emails and fix myself up so I could move on to my next destination without having to go to 10 different places to make it all happen. Enter, BOLO.

There are MANY challenges when opening a brick and mortar business, especially the size of BOLO (the permanent space is nearly 7,000 sq ft.) and especially with no business experience. It has been a steep and incredibly rewarding learning curve thus far.

What’s your biggest achievement as an entrepreneur?
Actually doing it! A lot of people talk about ideas and never act on them. Simply following through with the business is a major achievement I would say.

What can we expect out of the new BOLO location at QRC?
You can expect a wellness-minded hustlers’ paradise. A place where you can have your cake, eat it, burn it off, meet amazing people and answer emails, too! No, seriously, you can expect good workouts, good food, the best people and a place where you can just take your time and do what you need to do. It’s a chose your own adventure kind of place. We also expect to host some fun parties – so stay tuned for all that action.

How has your past experiences working as a fitness coach, freelance journalist and TV host helped you create BOLO?
Everything we do in life leads us to where we are today – I’m no different. I might not be exactly producing segments or writing articles in the present moment but all the creative visions that I have for BOLO come from using the same muscle that I developed during my time at CTV. I also feel like though these chapters of my career seem unrelated, at the core of each role is communication. I’m an expert communicator, whether it be in a fashion magazine article or in a boxing class or designing a space for people to call their home away from home.

Why did you choose to situate your business in the Entertainment District?
Having been in the Toronto CTV HQ (formerly known as the Much Music building) at Queen and John for over a decade I know that area inside and out – I also know that they’ve been lacking in the wellness offerings – both in food and in gym facility. As soon as I came up with the BOLO concept I knew I had to be on that exact corner for the first location. It’s also a super densely populated corner, both residential and commercial, and it’s exactly our target demo – young, urban, wellness-oriented professionals.

Favourite places to go to in the Entertainment District for … A Sweet Treat! … A Healthy Lunch … and Date night!

I’m the wrong person to ask these questions because I am not a foodie and eat most of my meals out of a plastic container from my meal delivery service. But I do love a mini-doughnut from Little Nicky’s. I like a Flock salad and for date night… Well, we just opened a business so those are few and far between right now.

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